About us

Solverius is an independent law firm for the self-employed and SMEs. We assist you with legal and tax advice, mediate between you and the tax authorities and assist you with the application for a tax ruling. Contact us without obligation!

How do we work?

First, we try to work pre-emptively by being the Counsellor of entrepreneurs and by advising them on legal and fiscal matters.

In addition, we aim for solutions to the legal and tax problems of our clients that focus as much as possible on avoiding matters being taken to Court. In many cases the Court doesn’t offer any real solutions. We also want to distance ourselves from the many advocates who prolong legal procedures for their own benefit and at the expense of their clients.

A first advice within 24 hours is our goal. To us, advocates are professionals who solve interesting problems for interesting clients, and profit maximization never is our first concern.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that a particular procedure or negotiation will be "won", but we always do our utmost to provide the best possible result. In so doing, we systematically inform our clients of all billable hours, and costs and expenses involved.

In our relationship with our clients we strive for honesty and transparency. You will receive copies of all relevant documents. You can go along to the court hearing. We also systematically keep you informed of all that is going on. We always ask for your approval before we send anything out. We plan our work so that no loose ends remain.

Our fees

Apart from the first free advice via this site, by e-mail or by phone, we charge a base rate of 109.00 EUR (125,00 EUR for important matters), excluding VAT, per NET billable hour. We give an estimate of the total cost.

The fees can be adjusted to a higher rate or a certain percentage of the value of the case, depending on the result of the advice or the procedure. NET billable hours do not include waiting at the Court, travel time, or the many small breaks specific to the profession of a lawyer. Apart from billable hours (in a given case) there are general hours. General hours pertain to study and training, office administration and organisation, short and free advice (by telephone), and representation.

In addition to this hourly rate there are still some administration costs (per fax, letter, ...) at the usual flat rates.